Requirements to implement the ISO/IEC 29110 Standard for Software Development

The implementation of ISO/IEC 29110 standard is quite easy. There are no specific requirements for the implementation of the ISO/IEC 29110 profiles. The implementation strategy can vary between organization and organization, but there are only few basic requirements that must always be met in order to develop any improvement project successfully by any VSE:

  • Management support: being an internal project in the organization it is often considered of lower priority than projects for external customers. Without the support and direct follow-up of the management, the improvement project will not be successful.
  • Make a good diagnosisof what and how the organization develops and manages the software projects. A good diagnosis helps defining more concrete and measurable improvement actions. It also helps in having an improvement plan adjusted to the limited resources of a VSE.
  • Plan the improvement project in detail and as accurately as possible to estimate improvement actions without overestimating or underestimating the project.
  • Trainfirst the entire organization on the processes, tasks and details of the improvements as well as on the overall improvement objectives.



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