¿Which software development methodology select?

To develop software we know that experience counts but it is not only what counts, the methodology counts as well. When it comes to working together to satisfy the customer you have to make many decisions and the most difficult and very important one is to define who and how to develop and manage a project.

This is the reason why, in recent years, best practices were a field of reflection and analysis that resulted in different standards or documents for reference. Organizations, institutes or agencies at national or international level have made possible to assess the quality of the work processes in the software industry with also the possibility of being recognized.

The software development methodology for which an organization must settle depends on the size of the organization and its business objectives. If, for example, most of the VSE customers require or prefer that their provider have some recognized CMMI level, the organization will analyse the possibilities of implementing CMMI to the level required. If, on the contrary, it is a small organization, without a clear model required by its customers, but that wants to stand out among its competitors or that has problems in its projects (for example fulfilment of deadlines, errors in the delivered product, no clear customers’ requirements, repetition of the same mistakes without internal learning, etc.) the difficulty is that its managers may not have the necessary knowledge to select the most pertinent model to solve their problems.

The new ISO/IEC 29110 standard provides a first step to solve many of those problems small organizations have, without having to know about other complex existing models. ISO/IEC 29110 aims to prepare simple process models, with guides, to facilitate their implementation, grouping the processes in an incremental way, increasing step by step the degree of maturity of the organizations. In addition, by being certifiable, the VSEs (Very Small Entities) can get recognition to show to their customers.

Using this standard, a VSE can obtain the following benefits.

  • An agreed set of project requirements and expected products is delivered to the Customer.
  • A disciplined management process that provides project visibility and corrective actions of project problems and deviations is performed.
  • A systematic software implementation process that satisfies Customer needs and ensures quality products is followed.


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