upto25 facilitates the Very Small Entities (VSEs) correct understanding and integration of the software and system development processes and IT services by providing some tutorials (see Training and Webinars) and a web based approach of those processes for an easy navigation between the different items and a visual representation of the processes, activities and tasks.

Additionally, while the ISO/IEC 29110 guides focus only on what to do, upto25 gives you detail description, techniques, recommendations, templates and examples to have insights on how to proceed in your improvement.

Basic profile guide

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The first step in you improvement journey is via the Basic profile. The Basic Profile describes, to guide the VSEs, software development of a single application by a single project team with no special risk or situational factors.

Using upto25 guides, a VSE can obtain the following benefits:

  • An agreed set of project requirements and expected products is delivered to the Customer.
  • A disciplined management process that provides project visibility and corrective actions of project problems and deviations is performed.
  • A systematic software implementation process that satisfies Customer needs and ensures quality products is followed.

Follow the guides: Basic Profile

The Basic Profile of the standard ISO/IEC 29110

We will provide more guides shortly. We will notify you as soon as they are available although we recommend that you visit this page periodically to see the new materials available.