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“An organization is only as good as its processes.” (Rummler and Brache, 1995) To reach quality of product or service there is always room for improvement.

Process improvement is a systematic approach to help an organization optimize its underlying processes, with its procedures and related resources, to achieve results that are more efficient and to gain customer confidence and satisfaction.

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upto25 helps people and organization perform their process in a repetitive way and aligned with their business goals.

upto25 allows you to increase your aptitude to face the always more demanding customer requests and to bring you up to the speed of a changing business environment.

With upto25, move from practices to mature processes in a progressive way but not against your innovative and flexible nature.

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Improvements can be implemented on an ad hoc basis, but systematic process improvement guided by models or standards is the most effective path. Take a look on how upto25 can help increasing your excellence based on the best practices in the software industry:

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upto25 has decided to contribute and promote the use of the new standard ISO/IEC 29110, dedicated to VSEs (Very Small entities). This is the reason why upto25 through its members and from its early phase, contributes to the edition of this international standard and support its first objective: improve product, service and/or process performance quality for the VSEs.

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Making things better, not just fighting fires or managing crises is a continuous and voluntary work. Process Improvement is this proactive task of identifying, analysing and improving upon existing business processes within an organization to meet new standards of quality. The upto25 process improvement model is based on the new standard ISO/IEC 29110, dedicated to VSEs, being divided in continuous steps:

  • The best ways to know where to get started is to Identify your situation.
  • You can then Analyse where the biggest opportunities for improvement are before to
  • Engage in your improvement journey and adopt the processes to your VSE
  • In addition to demonstrating it to your customers

Those steps are progressive and need to be repeated to continuously improve your organization.


Let you guide on the activities and tasks that uses the best and recognized practices by using the ISO/IEC 29110 standard. First, make your auto evaluation with our quick and free tool. It will allow you to check, in a quick and easy way, where you can improve and define you first improvement objectives.


The ISO/IEC 29110 standard in 2 minutes

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Analyse the ISO/IEC 29110 standard and check how it can fit to your organization and resolve the issues you identified. The standard is available with material free of charge for VSEs. To facilitate your work upto25 gives you a web version of the standard (the ‘what’ to do) plus great information on “how” to do it.


ISO/IEC 29110 standard introduction

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First take a look at the ISO/IEC 29110 guide in detail. You will then be ready to adopt the standard developing a plan tailored to your needs with the necessary projects and activities to rollout in your organization:


The Basic Profile of the standard ISO/IEC 29110

Look how others improved successfully with our success stories:

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An additional step is to demonstrate you are doing the right things and that you are doing the things right. ISO/IEC 29110-3 defines certification schemes, assessment guidelines and compliance requirements for process capability assessment and conformity assessments that will allow you to show your capabilities and gain new customers.


The ISO/IEC 29110 certification in 2 minutes

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Let’s perform … Based on the analysis of what will fit better in your organization it is now time to plan how you will adopt the standard before executing your plan. There are three steps when adopting a new set of processes up to the certification of a VSE:

  1. Define a pilot / trial-use project which will use the set of processes.
    • Note 1: a pilot project could be a new or an existing project.
    • Note 2: the set of processes could be adopted one by one (or even at activity/task level) or all together (‘big bang’).
  2. From the pilot project experience fine-tune the adopted processes.
  3. Deploy the processes in all the organization.

Detail your steps depending on the encountered problems, your objectives, your organization culture and your urgency for improvement to define your improvement plan. For a successful adoption, take into account the following points:

  • The important goal is to reach the process outcomes defined by the standards. Use the guide as a your main roadmap and tailor it only where it is required,
  • Ensure the involvement of all the organization, from manager to engineers. Everyone needs to participate actively to the adoption of the new processes. Define a change management plan if needed,
  • New skills are usually required and the change of methodology requires to be carefully managed. Define a training plan to be fully operational,
  • Don’t forget your customer that will be affected by your new way of working.

As an internal project to be managed, analyse the risks associated with this plan and control the correct execution of your plan (cost, time and scope) with their related preventive or corrective actions.


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