What is upto25?

upto25 is the first and best site available worldwide to improve the productivity and competitiveness of VSEs (“Very Small Entities”) of software, systems, and IT services. A VSE is an entity (enterprise, organization, department or project) having up to 25 people. Join upto25 (even if you are not a VSE) and get the benefits of working and collaborating in a network dedicated to connecting companies that are looking for excellence in there processes.


upto25 gives you access to:

  • A large community of VSEs, assessors and certifications bodies with the possibilities to interact through a modern social network,
  • A set of news, guides, tools, and insights that help VSEs be excellent for the achievement of their business goals,
  • A new ISO standard fully dedicated to VSEs to take the best way to success and be recognized through an international certification schema.

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About Us

Welcome to upto25, the world’s largest VSE (very small entity) network with many organization from different countries and territories around the globe.


Our mission is simple: To connect the world’s VSEs (very small entities) to make them more productive and successful. When you join the VSE network, you get access to VSEs experiences, news, guides, tools, and insights that help your VSE be excellent for the achievement of your business goals.

upto25 Info

It started out as a need by industry to push and help small companies and startups to implement process models. It is about helping to implement them step by step, with the intention to have more customers and improve the way to develop software and systems and how they provide IT services. It was officially launched on April 21, 2017.

It is a non-profit association governed by a governing Board following the agreed by-laws.

upto25 has a diversified business model with revenues coming from member subscriptions, advertising sales, and talent solutions.

Governing board

The Upto25 network is governed according to the Scheme’s By-Laws.

The Governing Board is comprised of four permanent members and by a set of Directors. Each member of the Governing Board is a voting member.

The four permanent members is composed by a President, the Vice President, the Secretary and a Treasurer. The members are elected from each of the following members in a three year elections period.

Tri-annual elections take place for vacant positions on the Governing Board.

Nominees are sought from the members or authorized representatives of each membership category to represent that membership category on the Governing Board. A member of the Governing Board may serve for a term of three years, after which he/she must resign. A member may be re-elected for subsequent terms.

The President of the Board is elected by the members of the Governing Board. The President is elected to a three year term of office, and may be elected for office for three further consecutive three year terms.

The Board shall has a number of executive committees:

  • The support committee is responsible for maintaining and proposing changes to the guidance and improvement material.
  • The VSE Certification committee is responsible for maintaining and proposing changes to the guidance for assessors and certification bodies.
  • The Public Relations committee is responsible for the growth of public awareness and acceptance of the network.
  • The Elections committee is responsible for the management and administration of the election of representatives to the Governing Board and the management and election of the President of the Board from the Governing Board.

The upto25 Board Executive Team is composed of:

  • Patricia Rodríguez-Dapena  SOFTWCARE S.L – Spain (Chairman)
  • Miguel Buitrago-Botero – SEQUAL S.L. – Colombia (Secretary)
  • Philippe  Lohier – SOFTWCARE S.L – Spain (Treasurer)

Note: the Vice Chairman selection is on going.

The upto25 Directors are:

  • Abraham Dávila – Full Profesor – Informatics Engineering – Engineering Department – Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú – PUCP- Peru,
  • Salvador Sánchez Abarca – NYCE, assessment – Mexico,
  • Alec Dorling – Spice User Group and ARCS (IntRSA) Director,
  • Tanin Uthayanaka – Convenor of Working Group 24 of the ISO Subcommittee 7,
  • Prakit Sangpar- Representative of the Federation of Thai Industries,
  • Paula Angeliei – Informatics and Systems Director – Belgrano University – Buenos Aires – Argentina,
  • Claudia González – Co-editor of both the Basic Profile for software and the Organizational Profile Guide and Mexican representative of Working Group 24 of the ISO Subcommittee 7,
  • Blanca Gil – Co-editor of the Basic Profile for software and Mexican representative in the Working Group 24 of the ISO Subcommittee 7.


The upto25 network is governed according to the Scheme’s By-Laws.

The upto25 network has a membership that supports and helps to develop the Community. The Governing Board is elected from the membership.

The Governing Board accepts members into the Scheme. A member is accepted to the Scheme into a membership category. A member may elect with which membership category to be represented. A member may elect to change representation to another membership category by written notification to the President at any time during January each year. The Board has without reservation the right of refusal to accept a member to the Scheme.

A member may only be registered with one membership category.

The membership categories comprise:

  • VSEs,
  • VSE customers,
  • VSEs clusters or association representatives,
  • Registered VSE Assessors,
  • Assessment/Certification Bodies,
  • Country Groups / Users groups / Communities of Interest,
  • Standardization Bodies / Committees,
  • Academic Bodies and Institutes ,
  • Government and Public Authorities.

For each of the categories of membership, a representative, relevant organization responsible person, is nominated.

Premium VSEs representatives are automatically accepted as a member of the Scheme.

Communities of interest include such groups as SPICE User Group, AutomotiveSPICE, MediSPICE, Spice for Space, ISO, etc.