Everything you need to know about the ISO/IEC 29110 Standard for Project Management and Software Implementation

ISO/IEC 29110 aims to help small organizations improve their software and systems developments and services provision and to certify them to show their excellency levels. It aims to define simple process models, with guides to facilitate their implementation, grouping the processes in an incremental way, increasing step by step the degree of maturity of the organizations, and always as limited initial steps towards implementing already existing more complex process models. For example, for organizations that develop software, the process profiles for which they can be further certified are the following:

The basic profile consists of the following two processes:

The purpose of the Project Management process is to establish and carry out in a systematic way the Tasks of the software implementation project, which allows complying with the project’s Objectives in the expected quality, time and cost.

The purpose of the Software Implementation process is the systematic performance of the analysis, design, construction, integration and delivery activities for new or modified software products according to the specified requirements.

The interrelationship of these processes is detailed in the following diagram that shows the detailed tasks of each of them:


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